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We are looking for a quote on how much it would be to diagnose the cause of the below problem and a worst-case scenario 'ball park' figure for any treatment/repairs that may be needed. Is this something you would be able to assist with?

We are in the process of purchasing a property where our homebuyers survey noted the following on the rear exterior wall but could not determine the cause of this.

"It is noted that the wall panel between the rear left bedroom window opening and bathroom window opening is affected by efflorescence (salt staining). Wetting of the wall surface is evident to this area and to the upper wall surface above and to the side of the rear bedroom window opening. There is no obvious defect present to verify the cause of wetting; therefore you are advised to undertake inspection of the rear wall surface during wet weather conditions. Further investigation is considered to be required as it is considered that this may be due to defects related to the installation of the cavity wall insulation although no on-going internal dampness is evident."

We therefore contacted Timberwise in the hope that a more specialist damp survey may be able to give more insight. They noted the following:

“The area wasn’t actually damp inside.  It may have been damp in the past and then repaired.  Difficult to tell.  Looks like rainwater has been possibly coming through the eaves and hitting the window sill below and running down the wall. Very difficult to diagnose unless it’s raining I’m afraid. There is no treatment other than finding the water source. Might be advisable to have a reputable roofing contractor to fully inspect the roof for any defects and make recommendations. If this doesn’t determine a cause, then it may be necessary to remove bricks to inspect the cavity, which obviously wouldn’t be covered by a pre purchase survey.”

Our initial homebuyers survey found where the roof covering was able to be viewed that it was in satisfactory condition. Both surveys were conducted on a dry day and both recommend it would need looked at during wet weather. The mark on the wall was still present after the hot weather we have been having also.

Before proceeding with our purchase further, we are looking for someone to be able to give us a quote for how much it would be to diagnose the cause of this and a worst-case scenario 'ball park' figure for any treatment/repairs that may be needed. Is this something you would be able to do? 



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